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Custodial locks are only serviced & maintained by a few specialised companies. We at All Access Locksmiths have been selling, installing, servicing & maintaining all brands of custodial locks in juvenile justice centres, hospital secure areas & correctional centres throughout Australia for a number of years. Whether it be a mechanical or electronic custodial lock, we have the expertise to service lock & return to working condition while on site, we will not take lock off site. Custodial locks can take a variety of keys or even specialised key to operate. We have the latest computerized key cutting machines to ensure that when keys are cut they will work every time.

We service all types of custodial locks. Our technicians carry electronic lock testers & custodial tool boxes to enable us to carry out service whenever required.

  • Supply & installation of custodial locks (mechanical & electrical)
  • Servicing of custodial locks
  • Cutting of keys
  • Repairing of doors
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