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The supply & installation of electronic locking devices is a part of our industry which over the years has had a lot of installers thinking that it is an easy part of our industry. It is a shame that the quality of work you find after they have left is anything but. All our service technicians have to attempt & pass a strict electric strike, electromagnetic lock & drop bolt installation test in our access control test workshop before we will allow them to carry out installations for our clients. They must also carry out core drilling tests to ensure that when on site they are confident in carrying out operations correctly. We have been installing electronic locking devices for major security companies for 13 years & are always testing new ways to secure any type of application.

  • Electric strikes (new installation or retrofit)
  • Electric strikes (water resistant)
  • Electronic mortice locks (short backset & standard backset)
  • Rim mounted electric strikes
  • Electromagnetic locks
  • Solenoid drop bolts
  • Shear bolts
  • V locks
  • Cabinet Locks (electronic)
  • Glass door latches (frameless glass doors)
  • Detention strikes
  • Electronic hotel locks
  • Electronic exit devices
  • Break Glass devices (stand alone & hard wired)
  • Automated door closers
  • Vehicle & pedestrian gates
  • Supply & installation of lead covers (hinge side of door)
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