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A master key system is a system that allows you to control where you want personnel to gain access to. You decide where you want people to go & what key they will require. There are no limitations as to how you configure your master key system. A Registered Master Key System is an extension of the master key system but uses a key that has a design registration or patent which prevents unauthorized duplication of that specific key. Once registered master key system is in place, keys will only be issued once we have received official order on company letterhead signed by authorized signatories, received by way of key management software, fax or email. When additional keys are ordered they will be delivered in a secure envelope & client will have to sign a key order confirmation before keys will be handed over. You have total key control.

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All our master key systems are designed by our master keying consultant using Promaster 7. Promaster 7 is the latest in master keying software. We can also supply Key Management Software, a feature packed software program which simplifies the procedure of ordering keys, distributing keys & managing master key systems.

The Procedure

  • Site inspection with our master keying consultant to discuss your master keying requirements
  • First draft of master key system emailed to client for perusal
  • Contact client to discuss master key system & check if parameters are correct or any changes needed
  • Final draft of doors & keys emailed to client
  • System signed off on
  • Master key system built
  • Registered keys cut & marked on latest computerized machines
  • Master key system installed & all existing locks checked for correct operation
  • Key management software installed & commissioned if required
  • Contact client to confirm smooth transition to new master key system

All Access Locksmiths also supply, install & service JA, JB & JC master key systems.

Registered Key Profiles


EVVA DPS features a unique pinning system using sliders to activate a control bar with no traditional top pins. In addition, broaching sidebars are used to create multi broached key systems allowing All Access Locksmiths to easily install the largest of registered master key systems possible.
EVVA DPS has high security anti pick, anti bump sliders made from Teflon impregnated nickel silver, which are protected by hardened side bar blocking pins and a key control hook pin. In the front of the cylinder we have hardened steel pins to protect the cylinder against attacks. EVVA high security registered keys have 12 different coloured key heads for greater key control & identification.

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Binary Plus

Binary Plus registered key systems are designed & manufactured in Australia for the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia. Only members of the MLAA who have met the associations standard of excellence are licensed to deal with Binary Plus products & duplicate your keys. The Binary Plus key is thicker than normal keys meaning standard keys cannot be made to fit. Two features of the Binary Plus cylinder are top pin traps, which prevent lock manipulation & side pin traps, which prevent use of wrong key.

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