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From key cabinet to bankers quality vault door, we can cater for your needs whether it be to store car keys or lock away your most valuable possessions. We carry a range of safes from small fire resistant to top security bankers quality. We also have a small range of second hand safes in stock. Do you require key, combination & or digital. We can set up an appointment with our safe & vault consultant to visit either your home or business to discuss your needs. We have safe technicians on staff who specialize in the opening & repairing of safes & also have facilities to pick up, deliver & install any size safe. Don’t leave your valuables in the drawer or under your bed, put them in a safe where they belong & have peace of mind as well.Safes listed below can be supplied with key lock, combination lock & or digital lock
  • Key Cabinets (key lock or digital lock) 20 key to 1000 key capacity
  • Fire resistant cabinets
  • Fire resistant filing cabinets
  • Home Safes
  • Commercial grade free standing safes
  • Pistol safes
  • Rifle safes
  • Wall safes
  • Floor safes
  • Vault Doors
  • Cash dispensers
  • Dual key safety deposit boxes
  • Dual combination (mechanical & or digital) safes
  • A, B & C class containers
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